Vonovia, Ampeers Energy

Over the course of 2020, Vonovia and Ampeers Energy will be setting up an ‘energy centre of the future’ in the residen-tial district of Bochum-Weitmar, which has already been constructed.

The energy centre is planned to incorporate some highly innovative technologies: hydrogen, fuels cells and storage. The goals of the technology selection are reduced conversion losses, low system complexity and a high degree of autonomy for the neighborhood. Existing buildings dating from 1959/1976 are to be supplied, which will be insulated in accordance with KfW 100. PV systems are to be installed on the roofs. The locally generated electricity is to be consumed as completely as possible in the neighborhood. Electric vehicles can be supplied with electricity via charging stations. Decentrally generated green electricity, which cannot be used immediately to supply the residents with electricity and heat, will be converted into hydrogen by an electrolyser, stored and can be converted back into electricity and heat by a fuel cell. The nature of its research enables it to test various combinations of systems and different ways of optimising operational manage-ment strategies in the real-life application of an urban district. Of particular interest to them are the practicability and scalability of these approaches.