Achieving more together! Energy services as enablers of the energy transition

The prize rewards the involvement of external expertise to increase energy efficiency and accelerate the energy transition. This ranges from conception and planning to implementation and financing.

Cooperation with service providers is particularly useful where ambitious ideas encounter limited funding, resources or a lack of expertise. This is because external service providers can provide needs-based solutions. This ranges from the conception and planning of a plant, through its realization, to financing, operational management and maintenance. Apply in this category if you have successfully implemented an energy efficiency project or energy transition project at the company as a service provider. You can also apply here if your company has implemented a project with the involvement of third parties and in cooperation with energy service providers.

Examples of measures:

  • Contracting (plant, performance contracting)
  • Innovative leasing and hire-purchase models
  • Energy advice
  • Externally supported controlling as well as energy and climate protection management
  • Innovative financing models (funding)
  • Cooperation and support of company networks
  • Innovative integration and cooperation of energy service providers

For individual questions regarding your application, you can contact the Energy Efficiency Award team at any time via e-mail or by calling (030) 66 777-700. We will be happy to advise you!

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