Think Big! Complex energy transition projects

Awards are given for multi-layered solutions for the energy transition with the use of renewable energies or systemic measures.

Apply in this category if you have implemented energy efficiency in interaction with renewable energies, alternative mobility solutions or energy transition technologies, such as hydrogen, energy storage, etc.

Think Big! Complex energy transition projects

  • Electrification, hydrogen use, power to heat, power to gas
  • Demand side management and flexibilisation
  • Energy storage
  • Electric mobility
  • Use of renewable energies
  • Combined heat and power generation and primary energy saving
  • External waste heat utilisation
  • Systemic measures, process optimisation
  • Sustainability concepts and standards
  • CO2 reduction in the upstream and downstream chains
  • Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS)

For individual questions regarding your application, you can contact the Energy Efficiency Award team at any time via e-mail or by calling (030) 66 777-700. We will be happy to advise you!

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