Using recycled building materials to transport above-average insulation values and green electricity from the photovoltaic system to the most sustainable commercial property in Munich

Schwaiger Group GmbH

The Munich-based construction project developer modernised its office and commercial space, centralised the building technology, installed e-charging columns and bike sharing stations. It also developed a sustainable waste management concept.

Centro Tesoro’s commercial and office space

Participating company

Schwaiger Group GmbH

Project location



Real estate industry

Technologies used

Photovoltaic system, insulation measures, utilisation of secondary building materials and emission-free finishing materials for insulation, highly efficient heating system with gas condensing technology, replacement of skylights, replacement of light bulbs with LEDs, e-charging stations, wall boxes, bike sharing stations, sub-floor waste bin system.

Energy efficiency

Reduction of energy consumption and generation of electricity via PV systems: 1,784,580 kWh/yr

Energy saving including PV systems: 53.5% (buildings)

CO2 savings

550 t CO2e/yr



Payback period

More than 8 years

Funding programmes



Construction project developer Schwaiger Group modernised two old building properties from the 1980s and 1990s in Munich. The ‘Centro Tesoro’ is used for commercial and office space as well as for gastronomy. The Schwaiger Group, together with Stadtwerke München (SWM) [Munich public utilities service], created Munich’s largest inner-city rooftop solar system and installed it on top of the Centro Tesoro. The insulation for the system’s outer covering is 40 per cent above the legal requirements. Recycled building materials were used to achieve this. The suppliers were given the task of using as many building materials containing above-average proportions of recycled material as possible, for example, for the mineral wool for the insulation or the flooring for the construction of the interior. Emphasis was placed on finishing materials that are as emission-free as possible. In addition, a new, highly efficient heating system with gas condensing technology was installed, and the skylights and light bulbs were replaced with more energy-efficient variants. The building management system installed in building services equipment, such as heating, pumps and lifts makes it possible to control all the building services intelligently and in a way that conserves resources. The rooms were equipped with highly-efficient, low-temperature radiators that are controlled individually via thermal drives. The carpark was outfitted with e-charging stations, wall boxes and bike-sharing stations for tenants, guests and customers. The Schwaiger Group also opted for a sustainable solution for its waste management concept: a sub-floor system for residual waste, organic waste and paper.

Rooftop solar system


In principle, this project is transferable to many commercial areas. As this is a measure for modernisation, transferability is particularly high.


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Pictures: Schwaiger Group GmbH