MPG on the way to climate neutrality by no later than 2030

MPG Mendener Präzisionsrohr GmbH

The company, based in Menden, Germany, wants to make its production operations climate-neutral by 2030. To achieve this, it has implemented a range of measures to increase efficiency in recent years. In addition, MPG has promised that it will take back all of the products it has delivered after they have been used in order to recycle them from 2022 onwards.

Aerial view of MPG

Participating company

MPG Mendener Präzisionsrohr GmbH

Project location



Metal processing (non-ferrous metals)

Technologies used

Demand-based control system, high-efficiency pumps, reduction of standby power (temperature control of tools), decentralised dark radiators (hall heating), waste heat utilisation for heating water, new PV system (140 kW).

Energy efficiency

Reduction of energy consumption (estimated for 2021): 1,500,000 kWh/yr (electric), 750,000 kWh/yr (thermal: natural gas) (15% of the company in total)

CO2 savings

675 t CO2e/yr (estimated)



Payback period

1.5–6 years

Funding programmes

Federal funding for energy efficiency in the economy, grant (BAFA): 11 measures were funded with amounts between €2,300 (overriding compressor control) and €30,650 (construction of a new cooling system)


MPG Mendener Präzisionsrohr GmbH manufactures copper alloy heat exchanger tubes, surface-structured heat exchanger tubes and small heat exchangers. As is regularly addressed in their annual reports, MPG and its staff are pursuing the goal of increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

Twenty-five measures for increasing energy efficiency have been identified in recent years. Of these, 17 measures were already implemented by mid-2021. They focus on redesigning and optimising cooling systems: older, oversized pumps are being replaced with new, highly efficient demand-controlled pumps. In the past, the receiver of a continuous casting press was permanently tempered to 200°C in order to be able to start production at any time. Now, the heating is switched off as much as is possible and simply kept at 80°C. The output of the extraction system was able to be reduced by converting the foundry furnaces from low-frequency to medium-frequency technology. Pipelines along with their corresponding pumps were resized. The old hall heating system was replaced by decentralised dark radiators, which provide heating for the workplace. The waste heat generated as a result of combustion is used for heating water.

An additional PV system is currently being installed. MPG also wants to convince its customers of the value of climate-neutral production. The company has promised that it will take back all of the products it has delivered after they have been used in order to recycle them from 2022 onwards.

Mr Flashar (Technical Manager)


In principle, MPG’s efforts to achieve climate neutrality are readily transferable. The energy efficiency measures implemented in this project can also be implemented in many companies.

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