Holistic energy service – multi-climate protection project using the ‘renting instead of buying’ model

ENTEGA Plus GmbH | Deutscher Leichtathletikverband (DLV)

Entega Plus equipped the ‘Haus der Leichtathletik’ (House of Athletics) in Darmstadt with more efficient lighting and two charging columns. The Deutscher Leichtathletikverband (DLV) [The German Athletics Association] is experiencing immediate savings benefits as a result of using the rental model, which in their case, includes a 10-year contract.

View of the DLV building

Participating companies

ENTEGA Plus GmbH/Deutscher Leichtathletikverband (DLV)

Project location



Energy supply, energy service, telecommunications service provider

Technologies used

LED office lighting, charging station for two electric vehicles, PV roof system (currently being implemented – summer 2021), residual electricity via balanced green electricity supply (with verification of origin from hydropower plants)

Energy efficiency

Reduction of energy consumption: 32,813 kWh/yr       Energy savings: 71%

CO2 savings

12 t CO2e/yr

Payback period

0–3 years

Funding programmes



In 2020, the office of the Deutscher Leichtathletikverband (DLV) [The German Athletics Association] got the idea to modernise the interior lighting of the ‘Haus der Leichtathletik’ (House of Athletics) in Darmstadt for their approximately 50 employees and to create charging options for the association’s fleet of electric vehicles. ENTEGA Plus implemented this idea, replacing 196 lights and thus reducing the connected load from 14.3 kW to 5.5 kW. The energy savings equate to 17.5 MWh/year and are thus 61 per cent lower than the lighting’s previous energy consumption. This saves around 6.2 t/CO2 annually, which means a savings of 38 per cent of the total annual energy consumption. By using the rental model, the DLV did not have to make any investment and was able to benefit immediately from the tremendous savings that resulted from the reduced energy costs. The term of the contract is 10 years.

The rental model was also used to create a charging station for two electric vehicles in front of the entrance to the building, the contract for which lasts six years. This allows the DLV to ‘charge’ its fleet of electric vehicles on site using green electricity from ENTEGA Plus. With the current three hybrid vehicles whose mileage equates to approximately 100,000 km/year, this results in a saving of around 3 t CO2/yr. Two more hybrid vehicles are being planned for 2022. The third measure is the photovoltaic (PV) roof system, which is currently being implemented and has a peak output of 23.5 kWp and an annual electricity yield of 21 MWh. Around 72 per cent (15 MWh) of this is required for the DLV’s own consumption during office hours. The PV system thus saves around 7 t/CO2 annually. The surplus is fed into the local distribution grid as electricity that is renumerated according to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act. Commissioning is expected to occur in summer 2021. The term of the contract is 18 years. In the first year, the DLV will record almost €1,400 in cost savings by using the PV system, which will also have been realised using a rental model. In total, the conversion of the lighting and the installation of the PV system will reduce the amount of externally procured electricity by about 71 per cent each year (from around 33 MWh to around 13 MWh).

The reception at the DLV


Overall good transferability to other organisations and buildings.

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