Achieving more together Energy Services as enabler of the energy transition

The involvement of service providers is particularly useful where ambitious ideas hit up against limited finances, resources or lack of expertise. Such involvement can range from conception, planning and implementation of a system to finance, system control and maintenance.

The involvement of service providers is particularly useful where ambitious ideas meet limited funds, resources or lack of expertise. Because external service providers can provide solutions tailored to the needs of the customer. This ranges from the conception and planning of a plant, through its realisation, to financing, operational management and maintenance. Apply in this category if you are a service provider who has successfully implemented an energy efficiency project or energy transition project in another company. Applications are also welcome from companies that have implemented their project by involving third parties and cooperating with energy service providers.

Please also read the conditions of participation for the Energy Efficiency Award 2020 (PDF). By submitting your application, you accept these conditions of participation. This is necessary in order to offer all participants equal and fair conditions.

For an optimal preparation of your application documents we provide you an application guide. This guide explains you step by step which information is required in the application form.
Download application guide for projects  (PDF)

If you have individual questions regarding your application, you can contact the Energy Efficiency Award team at any time by e-mail or by phone at (030) 66 777-830. We will be happy to advise you!

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