E1 Energiemanagement GmbH

E1 Energiemanagement GmbH

E1 Energiemanagement implemented a series of comprehensive measures to reduce energy consumption for the municipality of Meißenheim. More than half of the CO2 emissions were reduced mainly through LED street lighting and a wood pellet heating system for public buildings.

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Participating company

E1 Energiemanagement GmbH

Project location

Municipality of Meißenheim


Energy services

Technologies used

LED street lighting, integral building refurbishment, wood pellet boiler, buffer storage, renewal of ventilation systems, window renewal

Energy efficiency

Reduction of energy consumption by 362,613 kWh/yr                  61% (process)

CO2 savings

257 t CO2e/yr



Payback period

More than 8 years

Funding programmes

State funding programme, BAFA (German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control) contracting funding consultancy


In July 2018, the Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur (KEA) Baden-Württemberg GmbH, together with the engineering firm endura kommunal, created an energy-saving contracting project for the municipality of Meißenheim for two schools, the gymnasium and festival hall and for the refurbishment of street lighting. The energy-efficient refurbishment of a school building was also integrated into the concept. The municipality of Meißenheim, which has approximately 4,000 inhabitants in the districts of Meißenheim and Kürzell, is located in the county of Ortenau on the German-French border between Strasbourg and Rust.

E1 Energiemanagement GmbH submitted a tender containing comprehensive refurbishment measures in all of the specified areas that will reduce both energy costs and CO2 emissions by 61.3 per cent and was commissioned to prepare a detailed analysis as part of the two-stage procurement procedure in December 2018. The contract period for the (re-)financing of the investment costs of approximately €1.45 million plus VAT is 16 years. During this time, E1 would take over the maintenance and servicing of the facilities being brought in, which are co-financed by guaranteed savings. On 29 September 2020, the client accepted the services. On 1 October 2020, the guarantee phase began, during which E1 Energiemanagement must prove that it has met the savings target each year. The main measure in terms of savings is to convert all street lighting in both districts to LED technology. The energy-efficient refurbishment of a wing of the Friederike Brion school in Meißenheim, as well as the renewal of the energy supply for the Special Education and Counselling Centre (Sonderpädagogische Bildungs- und Beratungszentren, SBBZ) in Ried in Meißenheim-Kürzell, were also on the agenda. Both were converted to use wood pellets as their source of energy instead of oil.

Renewal of the energy supply for the Special Education and Counselling Centre (Sonderpädagogische Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum, SBBZ) in Ried in Meißenheim-Kürzell.


This project exemplifies the successful use of savings contracting as an effective instrument for implementing the (municipal) energy transition.

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