Zhovkva City Administration (Ukraine) for an energy-efficient residential area

Audience Award for Concepts for Increasing Energy Efficiency. Against the background of high gas prices in the Ukraine and high energy losses in suburban areas in the energy gaining.

Against the background of high gas prices in Ukraine and high energy losses in residential buildings, energy generation and distribution, the city of Zhovkva, together with German partners, has developed the idea of an energy-efficient city. Building on this, a pilot project in the small western Ukrainian town of Zhovkva with the help of German experts and companies examined how complex modernisation measures can be implemented in the municipal area of Ukraine. The concept was then transferred to the city of Zhovkva with the aim of transforming a typical Ukrainian quarter (five residential buildings, a kindergarten and a boiler house) into an energy-efficient residential area. Preference was given to those measures that achieve significantly higher energy efficiency while simultaneously reducing consumption. In addition, the city of Zhovkva wants to test a cooperation with German partners within the framework of this concept in order to transfer positive effects to other cities and regions of the country.