Smart Joules Pvt. Ltd. (India) improves the energy balance of St. Stephen's Hospital

Winner of the category Energy Services and Energy Management.Intelligent Energy Management for St. Stephen's Hospital in Delhi.

Since August 2016, Smart Joules Pvt Ltd. and St. Stephen's Hospital have been working together to improve the energy balance of the hospital in Delhi. As part of the cooperation, a digital energy management system has been set up and numerous energy efficiency measures have already been implemented. Smart Joules installed an Internet-based measurement and control technology in the hospital to continuously optimize the energy system. The technology logs energy and performance data from more than 100 facilities and sends alerts to Smart Joules engineers and hospital staff when critical data is being measured on facilities.

Initially, Smart Joules collected and analyzed previous energy data from the clinic. The results showed that the hospital's entire heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system was very inefficient. Pumps, for example, were operated without demand-based controls and operated far beyond their optimum. Based on the analysis, more than 20 suitable measures were identified and implemented within nine months. One focus of the measures was on room cooling. It accounts for 40 percent of the hospital's total energy consumption in the predominantly hot city of Delhi. In order to improve the efficiency of the room cooling, for example, a new cooler with variable speed was installed. The condenser tubes of the cooler are now cleaned automatically, supplemented by highly efficient pumps and new valves and regulators. The use of a new 450 meter long cold water line and a powerful, energy-efficient refrigeration system made it possible to switch off several pumps, cooling towers and refrigeration machines. The lamellas and cleaning nozzles on the remaining cooling towers were replaced. As a result of the measures implemented, the hospital can now manage with one refrigeration system; previously there were three.

The lighting of the hospital was also converted to automated LED technology. It is now controlled by a timer, daylight and presence. Further energy efficiency measures included the replacement of old ceiling fans and the use of speed-controlled drives.

energy efficiency measures

  • Use of a digital measurement and control system for continuous optimization of energy consumption
  • Renewal of cooling distribution
  • Centralisation of refrigeration generation and thus reduction of refrigeration systems
  • Installation of a new variable speed cooler
  • Installation of an automatic cleaning system for the condenser tubes of the cooler. Use of new fins and cleaning nozzles on existing cooling towers.
  • Installation of new valves, regulators and highly efficient pumps for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology.
  • Installation of automation for lighting (timer, daylight and presence control)

jury assessment

The jury selects Smart Joules Pvt. Ltd. as the winner of the Energy Efficiency Award 2018 in the Energy Services and Energy Management category. The Indian start-up company has succeeded in using innovative, Internet-based technologies to develop a successful business model for energy efficiency in an emerging market. This is an important building block for a global energy turnaround. At St. Stephen's Hospital, Smart Joules was able to implement extensive energy efficiency measures with the help of digital energy management and thus achieve considerable energy savings. The project shows how measurement and control systems can successfully leverage energy efficiency potential. The hospital's investments will pay for themselves in around 1.5 years. The project is therefore very economical.

Company profile

Smart Joules Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian start-up company for energy services with 50 employees from New Delhi. The enterprise converts Internet-based energy management systems into enterprises. Smart Joules' digital solutions optimize energy systems, such as air conditioning, in real time using clouds and artificial intelligence technologies. Founded in 1885, St. Stephen's Hospital in Delhi is one of the oldest and largest private hospitals of the city, with around 600 beds. The clinic offers medical care in 30 specialties. In addition to treating patients, the hospital runs training programmes for doctors.