Fraport AG and MeteoViva GmbH focus on digitization

Laureates in the energy efficiency category: from clever to digital. Energetic optimisation of the company headquarters with the help of a digital simulation.

Fraport AG's corporate headquarters in Frankfurt has already been certified by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) with platinum, i.e. the highest rating. Nevertheless, in cooperation with MeteoViva GmbH, the company has further optimized the use of energy by, among other things, digitizing the building management system. The central component of the project is a simulation model that maps the energy flows of the building. The model is based on MeteoViva software. It is visualized via an internet platform and used for the active control of the building control system in the company headquarters. The data is transmitted via secure connections to the MeteoViva and Fraport data centers as well as to the building management system.

The simulation is used to analyse the energy requirements of the building and the technology used and to define optimisation strategies for the operation of the heating and cooling systems. This involved, among other things, the injection temperatures, the system switching points and the control system. The existing facade flaps in the atrium of the building were automated. They can now be controlled in advance via the building management system. The respective control data are processed and set by the local control technology. Heat, cold and fresh air are now supplied exactly as required and "just-in-time". The building itself is used as a storage medium. Larger technical retrofits were not necessary for the new higher-level digital control system thanks to the already installed systems and the existing building management system.

In May 2017, the first year of operation after installation of the new control system was completed and the results evaluated: The new operating mode improved the room climate in relation to the conventional control system. The system was fully automated, stable and trouble-free. During the cooling times a higher comfort was achieved, during the heating times a considerable energy saving could be achieved.

energy efficiency measures

  • Development and visualisation of a simulation model for the energy supply (heat and cold) and fresh air
  • Integration of software to receive the measured values and to supply the optimised control values to the building control system
  • Optimization of heating circuit and cooling circuit setpoints, switching points and control specifications
  • Automation of free ventilation in the atrium

jury assessment

Fraport AG and MeteoViva GmbH are the winners of the Energy Efficiency Award 2018 in the energy efficiency category - from clever to digital. Despite the already high energy quality of the Fraport administration building (DGNB Platinum), control signals were generated with the help of an innovative simulation model that achieved further considerable energy savings in electricity and heat. The project shows that even with high standards achieved, energy efficiency increases can still be achieved through digitization. A performance-related remuneration of the energy service provider also enabled Fraport to optimize the existing infrastructure without risk. With a payback period of less than 2 years, the measures are very economical.

Company profile

Fraport AG is one of the leading international companies in the airport business and is active at 30 airports worldwide. In 2017, Fraport welcomed more than 64 million passengers at its home base in Frankfurt and handled a cargo volume of over two million tons. MeteoViva GmbH offers cross-technology smart data solutions for energy-efficient building technology in large commercial buildings. The company with 25 employees is headquartered in Jülich and has companies in Switzerland and the USA.