ALDI SÜD Group wins Energy Transition 2.0 category

Use of energy-efficient technology and photovoltaic systems.

ALDI SÜD continuously monitors energy consumption at all locations using an ISO 50001-certified energy management system and has implemented appropriate software for this purpose. This uses an individual and detailed analysis process. In this way, additional consumption can be identified and unnecessary energy consumption reduced. The company currently employs 30 energy management officers. They contribute to increasing energy efficiency with the following measures, among others.

Since the beginning of 2016, ALDI SÜD has been exclusively using LED lighting as part of its store modernisation programme. By the end of 2016, the salesrooms, car park lighting and logo lighting of around 430 (of 1,870) stores had been modernised to be energy-efficient. Energy-optimised refrigerated cabinets and refrigeration systems are used in the refrigeration technology area, and 29,000 older freezer cabinets were replaced with energy-efficient cabinets with LED lighting in the sales rooms. By 2016, 990 refrigerated shelves had been equipped with environmentally friendly refrigerant (CO2) and LED lighting. For the refrigerated shelves, ALDI SÜD developed special night blinds that close the shelf so tightly that energy consumption outside opening hours was significantly reduced.

ALDI SÜD also pursues the goal of actively promoting energy revolution and climate protection. To this end, the retail company is installing more than 1,250 photovoltaic systems for its own use on the roofs of branches and logistics centres, as well as charging infrastructure for electric mobility, and is pursuing the use of battery storage systems. To date, more than 50 locations have been equipped with electric charging points on branch parking lots for electric cars and bicycles, which are fed with electricity from the photovoltaic systems during sunny hours and can be used by customers free of charge. Electric heat pumps will also be installed in the new stores to convert the solar electricity they produce into heat.

energy efficiency measures

  • Certified energy management according to ISO 50001
  • Timely identification of additional energy consumptions
  • Replacing old inefficient lighting with LED lighting
  • Installation of energy-efficient freezers and conversion to environmentally friendly, natural refrigerant CO2
  • Electricity-operated heat pumps for solar power use

jury assessment

The jury selects ALDI SÜD as the winner of the Energy Efficiency Award 2017 in the Energy Turnaround category. For ALDI SÜD, a responsible approach to the environment and resources has long been an integral part of its corporate policy. ALDI SÜD has been monitoring energy consumption for many years and reducing it through energy efficiency measures in its stores, logistics centres and administration. The retail company pursues ambitious goals and combines increased efficiency with renewable energies. By presenting the measures for the customers, the project achieves a considerable multiplier effect. Customers can also use charging stations for electric cars and bicycles free of charge.

Company profile

The ALDI SÜD Group is a retail company represented in Germany by 30 independent regional companies in western and southern Germany. These are each managed by a managing director with sole power of representation. The regional companies are responsible for approx. 50 to 70 branches in a clearly defined geographical area. ALDI SÜD has 40,100 employees in Germany.