AIXTRON SE wins Energy Efficiency Category 4.0 Award

Digital measurement and remote monitoring of energy data in energy contracting as well as energy efficiency measures in heating and cooling systems

AIXTRON SE determined through a comparison procedure that the generation of the required cooling and heat quantities requires a great deal of energy despite highly efficient systems. In order to increase energy efficiency, AIXTRON SE commissioned the energy service provider SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH to carry out an analysis of energy consumption for the generation of cold and heat. On this basis, energy efficiency measures were developed and implemented. In order to be able to control the volume flows, pump heads and temperatures to the minimum required for the corresponding network, the process and air-conditioning cold water networks were separated. The hydraulic optimisation of consumers and generators, the retrofitting of frequency converters and various extensions in control engineering led to a reduction in the current consumption of the pumps to a fraction of the initial values.

In addition, an existing turbo chiller was put into operation. Whenever the heating demand is limited, this is the most efficient way to generate cold. In this way, large parts of the annual cooling energy requirement can be provided highly efficiently. The newly introduced, intelligent release logic of the machine guarantees a reliable cold supply for the production process with the highest precision and aims to provide cooling and heating energy for all consumers in an energy-efficient way. Prerequisites for an efficiency-optimised use of the heat pumps are the continuous transition from heat utilisation to recooling operation and the targeted use of a heat pump as an efficient heat generator for both heating networks.

By installing frequency converters on the cooling water pumps and control valves in the cooling water, free cooling was made usable for control purposes. A further optimization was achieved by operating several cooling towers with low power instead of few cooling towers with high speed. The operating mode as well as the measuring and counting devices for recording energy consumption are constantly monitored by SPIE.

energy efficiency measures

  • Further development of hydraulics and control technology
  • Optimization of volume flows and resistances
  • Intelligent generator selection
  • Conversion of a heat pump
  • Optimization of free cooling
  • Application optimization of the recooling plants
  • Expansion of waste heat utilisation
  • Establishment of a remote monitoring system for continuous efficiency improvement by the energy service provider

jury assessment

The jury selected AIXTRON SE as the winner of the Energy Efficiency Award 2017 in the Energy Efficiency 4.0 category. What is special about this project is that AIXTRON took advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization and set up a modern energy management system, even though the systems had only been in operation for six years and had only been equipped with the latest heating/cooling systems. The energy service provider SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH carried out an extensive inventory, on the basis of which it planned and implemented a large number of energy efficiency measures. The overall result was an enormous reduction in energy consumption and a sustained reduction in energy consumption.

Laureate profile

AIXTRON SE is a German mechanical engineering company based in Herzogenrath, Germany. The company produces equipment for the manufacture of compound semiconductors and other multicomponent materials. AIXTRON has seven service centers in Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States with a total of 710 employees. SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH provides energy efficiency solutions for buildings, industrial facilities and complex infrastructures, supporting and optimizing them throughout their lifecycle from design and construction to operation and maintenance. The company is a subsidiary of the listed SPIE Group.