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Missed the application deadline for the EEA 2022? Maybe your project wasn't ready yet? There will be another chance next year. Feel free to contact us!


How to apply successfully

We provide you with a sample application. The template can serve as a filling-in aid and gives you an overview of which information is necessary for a successful application.

Please consider in advance for which of the following categories you would like to submit your application. The project on which the application is based must have been completed in your own company or in another company, or be described as a concept to be implemented in the future.

The application is made via an online form. Please note that, for technical reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to temporarily save the data. You will find a sample application as a PDF below, which you can use to prepare for all questions.




Questions and answers about the competition

Private and public companies can submit their energy efficiency and climate protection projects in the four competition categories for the Energy Efficiency Award to dena until 11 June 2022.

After the end of the application phase, dena will review the applications received and contact the applicants if there is a need for further information on the subject matter. At the end of September 2022, the competition's expert jury will decide which projects and concepts will be nominated for the Energy Efficiency Award 2022.

The nominations for the individual categories will be announced in a press release in October 2022. All participants will be informed about this in writing. The award ceremony will take place at the dena Energy Transition Congress in Berlin in November 2022

Prize money totalling 30,000 euros is available for the winning companies. However, the communication effect can be far more important, because winners of the Energy Efficiency Award position themselves as responsible, innovative and economically active companies. For this purpose, we have developed a seal that the nominees and award winners can use in their public relations work. In addition, especially the award winners are usually reported on intensively in the media.

But even the application process offers a number of advantages. For example, the content of every application for the Energy Efficiency Award is checked by dena staff. This generates professional attention. Companies and their energy efficiency and climate protection projects thus become known to dena, which forms a central interface between politics and business and acts as an advisory agency for the applied energy transition.

If your company is nominated for the Energy Efficiency Award, the energy efficiency project will be included in the communication of the competition. In addition, all nominated companies receive a seal that they can include in their corporate communications

The competition is open to all private and public companies, regardless of their industry classification or company size. This means that companies in which the public sector directly or indirectly holds a majority stake are also eligible. However, the company must be legally existing and economically active.

Individual applications and cooperative applications are permitted. This means that energy efficiency projects or concepts can be submitted by the company that has implemented the project in its own business (individual application). Alternatively, two or more companies may submit a joint application if they have implemented or intend to implement an energy efficiency project or concept together as part of a cooperation (cooperative application).

The deadline for the submission of competition entries is 11 June 2022.

The submission of an energy efficiency project takes place via the online application form. When doing so, please decide whether you want to apply with an implemented energy efficiency project in one of the three categories "Think big", "From clever to digital" or "Energy services and energy management" or whether you want to submit a concept for a climate-neutral future.

For technical reasons, it is not possible to temporarily save the application documents. As the online application form asks for central information, it is advisable to enter prepared answers. To enable you to prepare yourself ideally, dena provides you with the conditions of participation and a preparation form for download. It is advisable to enter key information as prepared answers in the text document.

The project categories are described in more detail on the Award website. It is not unusual for a project to fit into several categories. It is advisable to choose the category in which your project can best be represented. However, a shift in the competition category is still possible afterwards and is supported by dena if this improves the chances of winning.

Since the project is in the foreground, you can also submit several energy efficiency or climate protection projects or concepts in parallel. However, these must then be clearly separated from each other in terms of content and organisation.

The possibility of submitting several projects is intended to accommodate large companies with many locations and providers of energy efficiency products and services whose energy efficiency projects have been implemented in the user company. On the other hand, the multiple submission of duplicate projects, such as the individual application of branches that have implemented one and the same project, is not desired.

 A complete application includes information on the company in which the project was implemented, on the project implementation and on the concrete results. If a service provider was involved in the project, this should also be named in the application.

In order for you to be ideally prepared, dena provides you with the conditions of participation and a preparation form for download.

All information submitted will be treated confidentially. The documents will only be made accessible to dena employees and members of the jury. Jury members are also expressly bound by this confidentiality obligation. Descriptions of the project will be agreed with the companies before possible publication.

If you have consented to being contacted for advertising purposes as part of your application, dena reserves the right to inform your company in future about possible cooperation, communication of energy efficiency measures or specialist events on the basis of the information known to dena. Would you like to have the data you submitted deleted? Then please inform us directly via e-mail.

Participation in the Energy Efficiency Award is free of charge. Neither participation fees nor processing fees are charged.

Please note that you may nevertheless incur indirect costs, such as personnel costs for preparing and submitting the application or travel expenses if the company is one of the winners of the competition and receives the award in person in Berlin. These costs are at the discretion of the respective companies and will not be reimbursed by dena.

The award winners are selected by an expert jury with independent representatives from politics, business, science and the trade media. The jury gives reasons for its decisions in writing. The jury's decision is not contestable.

The nominated projects/concepts will be announced by dena in a press release at the beginning of October. All nominees will receive written notification from dena and will be invited to the dena Energiewende Congress in Berlin. All non-selected applicants will also be informed of the decision in writing by dena.

The winners will be announced at the Energy Efficiency Award ceremony in November 2022. The award winners will be named in a press release sent to international media.

If you have any questions about the Energy Efficiency Award, about submitting an energy efficiency project or about the application process, the best thing to do is to send us an e-mail. We will be happy to support you!

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